Vigneti Massa

Wine is the reflection of mind

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Club members can gather points, earn free bottles, and access VIP on-site events with Mr. Walter Massa. All new members get 200 points by registering to our club. You can collect 10 points by tapping with your smartphone on any bottle equipped with an NFC cap, or "consume" a bottle using the hidden 4-digit code found under the cap to collect 200 points.

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Unique Winemaking

There are few places in Italy that are as intertwined with the art of wine-making as the Tortona Hills in Piedmont. They run from north to south between the town of Tortona and the port city of Genoa, spanning 30 miles of thriving agriculture and vibrant vineyards. As well as their glorious wines, the region is famous for its chestnuts, truffles, honey, and fresh cheeses, such as Montebore, making it the ideal destination for foodies.

We Are Connected

Connected caps, connected community! Every bottle comes equipped with an NFC tag embedded into the closure. This tag contains a unique bottle identifier, registered on major blockchains at the time of bottling, ensuring uniqueness and authenticity, and thus eliminating any possibility of counterfeiting. Learn more about the technology and our club.

The Terroir

The zone of the Colli Tortonesi is composed of various soils (clay, chalk, stone, sand) and is perched around the nearly-abandoned hilltop town of Monleale Alto, around 200-300 meters altitude. We farm 30 hectares in eight distinct vineyard areas.

Interact With Bottles

Activate the NFC reader on your smartphone and place the reader on the bottle's cap. Follow the link that will appear on your smartphone to access information about that unique bottle and view its blockchain registration certificate. If you are not sure about the location of the NFC reader on your smartphone, click on the button below to locate it.

Our Members Club

Registering to the club enables you to create your personal e-cellar, collect points from bottle tappings and consumptions, and access special events and promotions.

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