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Wine is the reflection of mind

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Register to our club to create your personal e-cellar, collect points, and access exclusive events & special promotions.

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By becoming a member of our club you can earn 200 points upon registration, 10 points for each bottle tapping, and 200 points for each consumption. Activate the NFC reader on your smartphone and place it on the cap of the bottle to collect tapping points. For gathering consumption points, tap on the cap, click on the "Consume" button and enter the 4-digit code that is hidden under the cap. Continue collecting points until you reach one of the three loyalty pillars: Silver (2.000 points), Gold (4.000 points), and Platinum (8.000 points). Unlock special gifts including free Vigneti Massa wines and access to exclusive on-site events offered by Mr. Walter Massa.

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