Vigneti Massa, Monleale

Sentieri 2019

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Marca Obertenga - parcel "Fontana Italo" 1.5 hectares; clay soil, facing east. Vine planted in 1978


Red wine obtained from one parcel "Fontana Italo" in Monleale (IT)

The Sentieri of Vigneti Massa is produced exclusively from red grapes that have always been cultivated in the Apennine and pre-Apennine hills of the "marca Obertenga". Sentieri comes from a production of about 8 tons/ha of grapes and total production is around 8000 bottles. Vinification: traditional maceration for 10 days and subsequent pressing of the skins; Sentieri is bottled in the spring following the harvest, to keep intact all aromas of the grapes. Sentieri is bottled only in the classic 0.75lt format.

Bibenda: 4 grappoli d'uva - Uno dei migliori vini 2016

Gambero Rosso: 2 bicchieri - vino di grande livello e spiccato pregio 2016

Vitae AIS: 3 stelle rosse - Un ottimo vino (2016)

Vitae AIS: 3 viti - Uno dei migliori vini (2016)

slow food: chiocciola

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